For Chefer, the starting point for the creation of a series will always arise from his admiration for classical art. He works with it. From it. He covers classic works to a terrain that is foreign to them, creating from them an antagonistic version. Chefer, acts as a translator. He turns the speech of the great classic works into a suburban dialect. He formulates remakes that are intended to be the mirror in which those works reflect his most grotesque profile. He demystifies classical art from a surreal pop aesthetic (low brow). From a pictorial imaginary without makeup.

Maddalena Doni 1

Maddalena Doni 2

Maddalena Doni 3

Maddalena Doni 4

Maddalena Doni 5

Gabriela de Estrées 1

Gabriela de Estrées 2

Gabriela de Estrées 3

Gabriela de Estrées 4

Gabriela de Estrées 5

Javier 1

Javier 2

Javier 3

Javier 4

Javier 5

Chefer was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1970

He moved to Madrid in 1999, where he has lived ever since.

He studied scenic composition for more than 15 years with the multidisciplinary artist Mónica Valenciano.

He took part in several scenic composition workshops with the butho choreographer and dancer Estela Lloves.

He developed his pictorial technique as self-taught.

From 2010 to 2020 he has had solo and group exhibitions at the 6más1 and Liebre galleries, and has been present at art fairs.