25 years ago, there were five women with different personalities who shouted loudly from a stage that girls can be what and who we want to be. Today, I realize that much of what I learned about feminism and love was in this song.






Nena Loaysa (Seville, 1986) plastic artist. In search of a fresher painting, she came across children’s language, thought and drawings.

Therefore, from that childish vision, he turns his day to day life into a game that he translates into painting. Bad words are funny, naked bodies are intriguing, monsters are cool and lightning is exciting.

The adult world, increasingly ridiculous and out of control, serves her to create scenes that represent the needs created by capitalism, the feminist struggle and the universe of social networks.

Painting for painting’s sake, without further pretensions, is what leads her to enjoy the work process under the concept that the work threatens its most absolute meaning.

She graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Seville in 2010, then decided to expand her knowledge at the University of Salamanca. From there she participated in Art Fairs such as Art Fair Amsterdam in the Netherlands or the Scoope Art Fair in Miami.

Her first individual show did not arrive until 2019 at the Museum of Culture in Vejer de la Frontera, where for the first time she presented the project “Work in Process” focused on research on plasticity in children’s work, using wax cold as a first resort.